• The helicopter is built on a single-rotor scheme with an eight-blade carrier with a controlled pitch and a five-blade tail rotor. With two engines with a capacity of 11 400 HP each and tricycle fixed landing gear.
  • The all-metal fuselage of the semi-monocoque structure has a variable cross-section. In its bow part there is a radio transparent fairing covering the radar antenna, a crew cabin, a cabin for passengers accompanying the cargo and compartments for equipment placement. The Central part of the fuselage includes a cargo compartment measuring 12,00 × 3,25 × (2,95÷3,57) m and a rear compartment, passing into the end beam.
  • In the transportation and military version of the helicopter can accommodate up to 82 paratroopers with weapons. In the sanitary version of the helicopter can accommodate up to 60 patients on a stretcher. For the loading of bulky cargo in the cargo compartment is located electric winch with a pulling force of up to 500 kg. also, the helicopter is able to carry loads on external suspension. Carrying capacity up to 20 tons of payload.