Eurocopter BK-117 C-1



The BK-117 C-1 helicopter, produced by the Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH in 2000, the flying hours from the beginning of operation of 1106 hours.
Powerplant: 2 × Turbomeca Arriel 1E2 turboshaft

  1. Optional equipment.

The following additional equipment is installed on the Helicopter:

— tank for long-range flights of 200 liters

— Keith Air Conditioning System

— warning lights «Do not smoke / fasten your seat belts»

— individual light bulbs for reading in the cabin

— External load hook (only for static equipment)

— tinted windows in saloon

— a dual statistical system with Pitot tubes

— connecting tube for fixed landing lights

— landing lights and search lights

— white strobe lights system

— the device for washing the engine

— 3-axle CSAS

— TGB / IGB pulse detectors

— waste oil filtration system

2. Additional equipment

3. Execution of VIP salon, removable

4. Radio communication and navigation equipment

5. Medical and search and rescue equipment (removable)