MIL-2 (modernized )


Helicopter model » MIL-2 (modernized) is a multi-purpose helicopter designed to solve different tasks. Since the helicopter is equipped with two engines and the design of the modified version is lighter than its predecessor by 450 kg, its characteristics allow operation both over the city and in mountainous areas. The latest development of «MIL-2 (modernized )» is a completely new lightweight cabin made of composite materials, the latest digital equipment including all engine control systems, gear control systems with the replacement of all analog units to a modern digital console, which in itself provides more efficient control of this machine. The lightweight design of the fuselage allows you to increase the payload capacity of the helicopter with improved flight characteristics of the helicopter.
The basic version of the helicopter allows you to place any additional equipment in the cabin, depending on the purpose. Therefore, the helicopter can be harnessed and how a rescue helicopter with extra winches on Board, as well as a helicopter to transport seriously ill with the installation of seats t o transport the patient with seats for medical personnel and medical equipment.

Also, the company developer offers civil business version with the installation of comfortable chairs or sofas (at the request of the customer their number), air conditioning and multimedia systems.
Helicopter MIL-2 (modernized) can perform flights according to the PVP day and night, over land and water surfaces to carry passengers or cargo in the cockpit.

In addition to the production and development of this helicopter, our company on a regular basis as a developer and manufacturer of the helicopter carries out routine maintenance of the helicopter including engines, gear, rotor blades and tail rotor.

Also, the company maintains the airworthiness of mi-2 helicopters with a full cycle of repair and restoration work as the fuselage and individual units.

This model of helicopter is certified and complies with international standards on certification of small aircraft and allows you to certify this helicopter in all countries of the world with the right to use them.
Technical and information data:

1. MIL-2 (modernized )
2. Crew: 1-2 people;
3. Passenger capacity: 9 people (including crew);
4. Fuselage length: 12 meters;
5. Main rotor diameter: 14 meters;
6. Maximum take-off weight: 3 550 kg. + weight of the helicopter without fuel;
7. TTD powerplant: 350 2 engines;
8. Maximum permissible speed: 220 km / h;
9. Cruising speed: 200 km / h;
10. Payload capacity: 1,200 kg.;
11. Fuel tank capacity without additional tanks: 600 liters.;
12. Fuel consumption at cruising speed: 280 l..
13. Static ceiling – 4000 m.

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