Technical condition of the helicopter: new.

The helicopter is being used in all climate conditions: aland, asea, in any microclimatic area including marine, tropical and cold types of climate, under the influence of maritime fog and sea water.

The helicopter can be operated within outside temperature from minus 50°С to plus 50°С and at relative humidity up to 100%.
Mi-171E helicopter in transport configuration is design for:
• carriage:
— cargo carriage inside the cargo cabin and on external sling up to 4 000 kg;
— carriage of passengers (up to 30) on folding seats;
• search-and-rescue operations (SAR);
• patrolling (if optional equipment is installed);
• firefighting (if optional equipment is installed);
• medevac operations (if optional equipment is installed);
Key advantages:
• Mi-171E helicopters are ready to be delivered in shortest time;
• At Buyer’s option the helicopter can be repainted in accord with any color scheme (under separate agreement);
• The helicopters have built-in attachment points for installation of external sling, seats, mooring and medical equipment;
• Upon the Customer request the helicopters can be equipped with Search Light TSL-1600 and large variety of other additional equipment

Price on request.