ANSAT helicopter


Light utility ANSAT helicopter is designed according to the single main rotor scheme with tail rotor  and powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, model PW207K. Maximum take-off weight of the helicopter is 3 600 kg.

PW207K engines installed on the helicopter have IAC AR certificate No. СТ217-АМД (ST217-AMD) of 25.04.2003.

ANSAT helicopter was certified by IAC AR to meet АП-29 (AP-29) airworthiness requirements and holds СТ 236-АНСАТ (ST 236-ANSAT) type certificate of 29.12.2004.

The helicopter is cleared for VFR operations beyond icing conditions in compliance with the requirements of Category А with loading of up to 3 500 kg and Category B with loading of 3 500 kg to 3 600 kg.

Classic-scheme helicopter has the following design features ensuring its enhanced performance:

  • main rotor hub is hingeless, boasts high-reliability and simple design, ensures better helicopter controllability and stability while requiring practically no expenses for its maintenance in operation;
  • fiberglass blades of the main and tail rotors feature extended service life;
  • electronic engines control system minimizes fuel consumption in every flight mode, controls and provides their serviceability;
  • hydro-mechanic control system of the helicopter with flexible rods minimizes backlashes and dead zones of control system wiring while improving precision and efficiency of control actions;
  • onboard information control system (БИСК) displays all data on serviceability and failures of helicopter systems and aggregates continuously in flight; at the same time the crew may additionally employ two displays for more detailed examination of current status of certain vital components of systems and aggregates;
  • spacious cargo cabin (compared to similar rotorcraft) ensures transportation of large-size cargoes by a light helicopter (while such cargoes are usually transported by heavier and larger-sized rotorcraft), thus reducing net cost of transportation; right and/or left sliding door of the cargo cabin, rear hatch;
  • narrow instrument panel, in muted colors with minimum number of light indicators provides the crew with extra field of view and in-flight comfort reducing fatigue.

ANSAT helicopter can be painted in color scheme provided by the Customer. It is possible to install medical equipment.

ANSAT helicopter onboard equipment ensures manual flight control both along and off the air routes, in controlled and uncontrolled airspace, regardless of ground radio navigation support level throughout all flight phases from takeoff to landing, day and night in normal weather conditions. ANSAT onboard equipment ensures safe VFR flight by crew of one or two pilots.

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